jewelry care

All jewelry should be worn and stored with care. Nicole wanted to make it easy for you to maintain your jewelry so she has provided a storage baggie and a polishing cloth or pad with every order.

Although we are all human, and many of us fall into the habit of leaving our daily jewelry on throughout the day,  here are some guidelines to care for your jewelry and keep it in its best condition.

Avoid harsh chemicals such as perfumes,  hairspray, chlorine, sunscreens,  and other lotions. It is recommended to put your jewelry on last to minimize contact with these chemicals.

Remove your jewelry before swimming , showering , exercising , manual labor , washing dishes,  using the previously listed cosmetics, etc.

Remove your jewelry when sleeping.

Avoid smacking your jewelry as stones and shells are natural and may crack with a good wack. Don’t be wack. Ya heard?

All jewelry comes with a complimentary polishing cloth and a biodegradable plastic baggie.  After you have enjoyed wearing your piece for the day, wipe the metal part of your jewel with the polishing cloth and store it in the plastic baggie provided. This will minimize and prevent oxidation and scratching.

Brass is especially prone to tarnish if left exposed to oxygen , or left out in salty humid environments like near the beach. Wipe your brass with your polishing cloth to keep it bright. If you prefer a more antiques or rustic look , you may prefer to leave your brass to naturally patina with time.  I highly suggest storing your brass pieces in the plastic bag provided to minimize oxidation and tarnish , and to relieve you of some cleaning.

Please be aware that everyone reacts differently to brass. Some people’s skin turns a bit green when wearing brass jewelry. This is harmless and goes away . You may find some days you turn green and others you don’t . This is based on your bodies pH . I find that the cleaner my jewel is , the less green I turn , but I embrace the green as I love brass jewelry so much, I hope you do too !

At at the end of the day, it’s up to you to keep your jewel in its best condition . If you throw your jewelry in your purse or into a pile on your dresser, you can’t expect it to maintain its original condition .   Take care when wearing your jewelry as Nicole is not responsible for damage to pieces that were the responsibility of the wearer.

Jewelry is meant to be enjoyed and worn , so enjoy it and wear it. Just take care of it, as the components come from the Earth and should be treated with respect.