Sip n Craft Class | NY | 2-9-23 | 6:30pm


Ever do a paint n sip class? This is similar except you make jewelry … and sip ( if you indulge).

You must be 21 to join this class. If you are under 21 and would like to join, you must be accompanied by an adult.

This class will be held on February 9th from 6:30 to 9 at my studio , Kismet, in Rockaway Beach. You are free to leave earlier if you like. If you need more time, I will be available to stay until 10 to make sure everyone completes their projects and sees success. So feel free to stay and hang with me!

This class is public and fits up to 8 students. It is most fun when you bring a friend, but I encourage you to meet new like minded friends in the class. We will all be like a little family by the end of it !

This class includes 2 glasses of wine, and snacks including popcorn, a charcuterie board, and cookies. Water, seltzer, and coffee will all be on offer as well. ( white and red wine will both be served )

Materials and tools will be provided for  you.

You will have the option to design your own piece of jewelry, or copy from the sample jewelry I will have for you to  use as inspiration if designing isn’t your thing. We will be using wire working techniques with sterling silver or 14k gold fill. Natural gemstones and shells will all be available to you.

  • We will not be doing any soldering in this class. This is a wire work class only. Please see additional photos of examples of some jewelry you’ll be able to make.

In addition to the libations, this class of course includes two pieces of jewelry. You can make your choice of a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings. If you pick up on the techniques and you would like to make a third, or even a fourth pieces of jewelry, you will absolutely be able to do that. There will be a fee for the extra materials you use for these pieces which we can discuss as you need.


This class is open to the public. If you are ever interested in scheduling a private class, please feel free to reach out. There is a minimum of 4 students at the price of $85. Groups of 3 or smaller will be priced accordingly based on size.

If this class is sold out ad you would like to join a future class, please send an email to me at

If there is enough demand for it, I will make another trip back to NY to host one of these sip and crafts, and the private silversmithing classes. Otherwise, these classes will resume once I return from PR in May. I plan to host them once per month from May – December.

Thanks for your interest in creating your own jewelry! It is inspiring, fun, and a really enjoyable social experience. Hope to see you there!


address :

90-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Far Rockaway, NY 11693